October 29, 2012

My Life in Horror Gifs

The everday horror of my life presented in horror gifs.

When I give my students a pop quiz

When I realize I brought the wrong handouts to class.

When I tell my students about the final exam.

What the campus looks like the week after final exams.

When a student e-mails me to ask if we did anything important in class.

 What my office hours normally look like.

What my office hours look like the day before a big assignment is due.

When I tell a student they have to revise their entire paper.

My face when a student asks for an extension on their paper.

When I see my students after Spring Break

When I see former students off campus

When I can't go out with my friends because I'm grading.

When I realize I haven't worked on my dissertation in two weeks.

When I bump into my adviser and I haven't made any progress on my dissertation.

How I will feel when I finally finish my dissertation.

When I attend an academic seminar and I don't know anyone

 When my conference abstract gets accepted.

When I realize I have to write the conference paper.

When I find cookies/muffins/brownies in the break room.

When I think about getting a tenure-track job after I graduate.


Madelon H said...

Just goes to show that life is the same for all of us who are teaching and doing a dissertation on horror... ;)

Isis said...

I enjoyed this ! lol
Im still trying to remember some of these gifs. "When I realize I haven't worked on my dissertation in two weeks." - I dont recognize that one.

Monster Scholar said...

Day of the Dead :)


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